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Lincoln City Warming Shelter, is your city-wide 501(c)(3) tax deductible non-profit agency located in Lincoln City, Oregon providing the homeless a warm safe place to sleep, eat, shower and do laundry when the night time low temperature reaches 40 degrees and below in Lincoln City and surrounding areas. Our peak season is mid November through mid March.

Supplies available to Shelter Guests:

1. Clothes: warm jackets, pants, shirts, socks, hats, gloves, scarfs
2. Shoes: athletic shoes, boots
3. Toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body soap, razors, shaving cream, feminine products, toothbrush, toothpaste
4. Rain Ponchos
5. Emergency Mylar Blankets
6. Emergency Mylar Tents: retains 90% of body heat and given only to homeless pet owners as we cannot shelter pets.
7. Bus Tickets: For Shelter guests to get to and from the shelter
8. In-House Shower: limit of 15 minutes per person. Shower hours for Men will be in the evening and shower hours for women will be in the morning.

Services available to Shelter Guests:

- Onsite Resource Center available Monday through Friday 11a.m - 3 p.m.
- Resource & Referral Assistance
- Job search & Resume Building Assistance
- Onsite Crisis Counselor

Notification Process Protocol:

1. Program Director looks at www.weather.gov (NOAA) to see if temperature during the night time low reaches 45 degrees or below. (7 days prior)
2. Volunteer Coordinator Notified: 7 days prior
3. Volunteers are notified: 3 to 7 days prior, News Guard, Oregon Coast Today, Boss Radio, Kyte Radio, News Lincoln County
4. Facebook and other social media pages notified: 7 days prior
5. Press Release put out: 7 days prior
6. Police Station and Hospital notified: Day of shelter opening & when dates are added.

Farmers Insurance
Charlotte Lehto
-Auto -Home -Flood
- Health & Medicare
(541) 994-2884
License # 6256810
Shelter Operations:

Morning At The Shelter

6:00 a.m. - Lights on to wake up for the day
7:00 a.m. - Breakfast
8:00 a.m. - Shelter Closes

Between 8-10a.m. Clean-Up / Breakdown of cots by shelter guests who are previously signed up and have already been approved by shelter Manager.

Night At The Shelter

Between 5-6 p.m. Set up of cots by shelter guests who are previously signed up and have already been approved by Shelter Manager.

6:00 p.m. - Shelter Opens
6:30 p.m. - Dinner
7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. - (Hang out time) Watch movie, play cards, coloring, etc

10:00 p.m. Light's out, everyone must be signed in by then. No one leaves the shelter after this time, and if they do, they cannot come back in unless escorted by a police officer or until lights on at 6:00 a.m.

Commissioner Bill Hall
LCPD Mission:

Through a close partnership with our community, is to maintain human rights, protect persons and property, and address citizen concerns while providing the highest quality professional service to all.

(541) 994-3636

Pacific View Memorial
Funeral Home, Cemetary & Crematorium
Lincoln City, OR - 541-994-1662
Guinevere Crispin - Location Manager
Licensed Mortician

Bateman Funeral Home Chapel, Mausoleum & Crematorium
Newport, OR - 541-264-2751
Brian Norris - Owner & Operator
Licensed Mortician  b.norris@batemanpacificview.com

* Cemetary *Mausoleum *Funeral & Cremation Service

Resource Center Program

Hours: 10am - 4pm         Monday - Friday

We provide Resource & Referral Assistance, supplies, and job search assistance for the homeless in Lincoln City and surrounding areas. We provide the following inhouse services:

- Shower Program (call for more details)
- Laundry Program (call for more details)

- Assistance with resume building
- Resource Consulting
- Assistance with obtaining Identification
- Available bus tickets for job interviews,
court dates, and medical appointments

Resource Consulting: We use a 68 question form designed to discover various hurdles in homeless people's lives

Lincoln City
Food Pantry

" Providing emergency food in North Lincoln County for people who need it."
(541) 994-3699

Coast Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church
1505 NE 6th Dr, Lincoln City, OR

Click link below to visit food pantry website
 Mental Health Crisis Hotline

Avail: 24/7

    3110 SE Hwy 101
      Lincoln City, OR

     To provide financial support to local non-profit     organizations  through the sale of donated quality            merchandise.

   Hours Of Operation
     Thursday: 11 - 4pm
          Friday: 11 - 4pm
​        Saturday: 11 - 4pm

     Beachtown Mission                       Creeps
(1) Provide a comfortable, friendly, affordable place for all guests, including the 44% of Lincoln City's population that is low income.
(2) Provide an alternative place to donate quality used itemsthat will benefit local charities.
(3) Give unsold items to the unknown numbers of homeless people living in cars, tents, and the grounds in Lincoln City.

   To make a donation
​​   online : click the link          below to visit website

Beachtown Website
    send in: you can        write a check or       money order out to Beachtown Charities      Thrift Store, and               mail to: 
          Treasurer, Beachtown Charities Thrift Store, P.O Box 1086 Lincoln City, OR               97367

 Board of Directors

In Loving Memory

William James Corey, Jr
Nov 13, 1972 ~ Sep 8, 2000

"As I meet with grieving families, let me honor you. As I meet their needs, let me be reminded of your love. As I help them memorialize let me know empathy. As I support them, let me remember your guideance. My sweet brother, thank you for teaching me compassion and kindness for it is through you I have found my true passion."
Love your lil sis Guinevere
Patrick Alexander
Editor & Publisher
Oregon Coast Today

            Jay Roelof
         Vice President
        Outreach Chair
Congregational Church

Beverly Cadagan
Retired Accountant
       Tim Melton
101 Coastal Creations

Mark Nicholson
   Emergency Preparedness

  Guinevere Jones
  Crisis Counselor
  Licensed Mortician / Manager
  Pacific View Memorial Chapel
   Rev. Mike Grogan
Congregational Church

   Richard Musick 
​Retired Attorney   

Program Director

My family moved to Lincoln City, Oregon in 2000 and I graduated from Taft High School in 2008. I have a passion for helping people and believe that loving people where they are is the key for their hope of a better tomorrow. Without people having the ability to believe in themselves, failure is all they will ever know. As a community, we are responsible for helping our neighbors restore their hope and dignity. 

Lincoln & Tillamook Counties have a higher percentage of depressed people in the whole state, and Oregon as a state, has the highest percentage of depressed people in the whole nation.  In Oregon, Suicide is the second leading cause of death. Hard to believe in a land so beautiful that so many people have lost their hope.

Solving homelessness is not something that happens overnight but rather in steps. The first step is getting our homeless people off the streets and out of hypothermia-risk temperatures. Restoring hope and dignity is what helps people get back into society and maintain a better life. As we like to say, "Helping others in need is a beautiful thing."

     Feeling the       Winter Blues?

Looking to do
but do not
where to


Lincoln City
Warming Shelter
is in need of more 

​Like working
with Singles?
Sharon Padilla
(541) 992-5748

Prefer working with Families? Contact Volunteer Coordinator Danny Ahumada (541) 418-1519

Every smile YOU make brings light to someone         else's life.

change our
​   Program Director
   Amanda Cherryholmes

Shelter Manager

Sharon has played a huge role for the success of the warming shelter. As a pioneer to this program the first year that Lincoln City Warming Shelter was open, she was there every single day the shelter was open doing intake and soon became known as apart of the "dynamic duo" team. 

The following Warming Shelter season, she became the Volunteer Coordinator and Shelter Manager. By the end of the season, she had the most recorded hours being there every day the shelter was open and won the superhero award for Most Valuable Volunteer.

When visiting the shelter, you normally find her running around to make sure that everything is in place and that everyone has what they need. to understand as if you were talking to your customer
 Shelter Manager /Volunteer Coordinator
Sharon Padilla

Volunteer Hall of Fame!!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Lincoln City Warming Shelter. Our volunteers are run by a coalition of people in the Lincoln City and surrounding areas representing non profits, faith based communities and regular citizens with giant hearts of gold. We have come together to ensure that our homeless guests will be treated with respect dignity, and given a warm safe place to sleep during extreme weather conditions. 

Robert Rockwell
Jay Roelof ​(Board member)
Lynne Rudstrom
Andrew Schmitz
Lynne Scrunton
Chelsea Shinner
Susan Strawn
Albert Thompson
Myra Thompson
Majalise Tolan
Nickelle Torrance
Shawn Torrance
​Lisa Voelker
Leslie Weldgarte
Andra Zalewski
Ava Zalewski
Willa Zalewski
Mary Zeman

Danny Ahumada
Patrick Alexander ​(Board member)
Bob Anderson
Scott Bean
Russel Beere
Joan Bidstrup
Jason Burke
Charles Busch
Jo Calk
Norene Castaneda
Fred Cerillo
Amanda Cherryholmes
Charlie Cherryholmes
Lynne Clark
Guinevere Crispin (Board Member)
Karen Davis
John Force
Tracy Geiger
Sandy Gruber
Sandy Hachtel
​Tom Hachtel
Suzy Haydary
Micki Heinz
Colleen Hickey
C.T. Holman

​Merle Johnson
​Dana Grae Kane
​Laura Kenney
​Carol Kuylman
Kees Kuylman
Charlotte Lehto (Board member)
Ida Liise
Danielle Lochrie
Hope Maestas
Nick Martin
Tim Melton (Board member)
Donna Morris
Richard Musick (Board member)
Ricky Nand
Mark Nicholson (Board member)
Chester Noreikis
Barbara Ogburn
Harold Ogburn
Nancy Oskenholt
Chris Padilla
Sharon Padilla
Coby Randquist
Kelly Randquist
Todd Raney
​Katie Rockwell

Old Taft Fire Station
1207 SE 48th Place
Lincoln City, OR 97367
Opening Criteria:
Below 40 degrees
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m.
Nov 15 - Feb 15

 Day Center
Old Taft Fire Station
1207 SE 48th Place
Lincoln City, OR 97367
Monday - Friday
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Nov 15 - Feb 15

If you would like to become a Warming Shelter Sponsor and purchase an ad space on our website, please contact Amanda Cherryholmes at (541) 264-0457, or e-mail at pookie5734@gmail.com. 100% of the proceeds go to supporting Lincoln City Warming Shelter and their efforts to helping the homeless get off the streets in Lincoln City and surrounding areas.