​History of Homeless on the Coast

How our Community came together

      Warm and Dry        Program

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Posh Wash Laundromat
660 SE Hwy 101, Lincoln
       City, OR 97367

    Call Susan Nelson, 
       (541) 614-1290
 to make appoinment 
     for drop off time

    To make a donation:

  Send check or money               order to
     Chapel By The Sea       Presbyterian Church,       2125 SE Lee Ave, Lincoln City, OR 97367

   Please make sure to        include that your donation is specifically  for  the Warm and Dry Program

For direct contact, put  Attn: Richard Gartrell
Shocking Statistics

Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital treats approximately 180 homeless people every year. About half of those homelss make more than one visit per year, and an estimated 45% are chronic users. Emergency room treatment costs the hospital approximately $14,500 for a typical homeless person and averages $44,800 for chronic users. More than 20% of Lincoln County families with children uder 18 live in poverty. The percentage of single women living in poverty is 46.7%. 1 out of every 4 local children lives in poverty. In 2013, 68 percent of Lincoln City  students were eligible for free lunches, and the number has been rising every year. 34% of the local population receives food stamps. More than 48% of people in Lincoln City pay more than 30% of their income in rent. This is 9.57% higher than the rest of Lincoln County. Housing, insecurity, food insecurity, poverty and lack of affordable housing stock impact our schools, our health care system and human services delivery system in a dramatic way. All of these factors can contribute to homelessness in the Lincoln City area.

The desire to solve homelessness in Lincoln City arose in 1989 when Reverend Dr. Robert Miles Harrison, "Pastor Bob" founded Agape Fellowship Church located in Taft. Based on the Greek concept of non-judgemental, unconditional love for human beings, "Pastor Bob" began providing home-cooked hot meals to anyone in need from noon to 3:00 p.m. every Thursday. While not advertised anywhere, Agape additionally makes room within its very small sanctuary for overnight shelter of up to three homeless people whenever the temperature drops to life-threatening levels. Complete sanitary, laundry, kitchen facilities, and private storage lockers are provided within the building.



A group of concerned volunteers of various faiths joined to address the alarmingly increasing homeless population. These humanitarians included Mr. Eric SImpson, Mr.Doug Siebert and his wife Jane Siebert, Mr. Ken McCormack, Reverend Charles Busch, the Congregational Church and Reverend Larry Rolfing, now deceased, of the Lutheran Church. Together they formed He's My Brother, operating until 2006.



Pastor Wayne Martin of the Congregational Church and others formed Faith Community Services and opened Siletz House functioning until 2013. While Agape continues to provide for the homeless as best it can, the rest of these monumental efforts succumbed to the enormous increase in the number of homeless people. Tragically more and more people fell victim to hypothermia.
  "Three things in Human life are important; the first is to be kind, the second is to be kind, the third is to bekind."
     -Mother Teresa

1910 - 1997



The Congregational Church started a warming shelter on a bigger scale offering shelter for up to 15 homeless people during the winter season of 2014 with the opening criterion of 32 degrees and below. It quickly became apparent that 32 degrees and below was a far cry from meeting the real threat posed by hypothermia. The Lincoln City homeless population was still struggling with hypothermia, some of whom were hospitilized or died. With that in mind, the program needed to expand, however the organizational skills and volunteer resources required to enhance the Warming Shelter project exceeded the cabability of the Congregational Church on its own. Thus, Lincoln City Warming Shelter was formed led by Richard Gartrell.



May 27th, 2015 Lincoln City Warming Shelter became an offical 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Lincoln City Warming Shelter opened up for the first time during the fall season of 2015 with the Congregational Church as the host location led by Lynne Rudstrom. With a bigger pool of volunteers, Lincoln City Warming Shelter was able to raise the temperature criterion to 35 degrees and below. In addition to raising the temperature tigger, Lincoln City Warming Shelter offered more servcies such as dry clothing, emergency mylar blankets, rain ponchos and toiletries. As beneficial as the program was, our homeless population was still at a great risk of getting hypothermia during the winter season. The Warming Shelter was open for 13 nights.



Lincoln City Warming Shelter expanded significantly. With new leader Amanda Cherryholmes, a family shelter location was established and the temperature criterion was raised to 39 degrees and below. Additional supplies were offered such as shower vouchers, bus tickets, laundry vouchers, feminine products and Mylar tents for homeless individuals and their pet companions. Lincoln City Warming Shelter finished the season having opened for 47 nights, served 2,344 meals, and helped 135 unduplicated homeless individuals which included men, women, children and unborn children.


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Old Taft Fire Station
1207 SE 48th Place
Lincoln City, OR 97367
Opening Criteria:
Below 40 degrees
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m.
Nov 15 - Feb 15

 Day Center
Old Taft Fire Station
1207 SE 48th Place
Lincoln City, OR 97367
Monday - Friday
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Nov 15 - Feb 15

If you would like to become a Warming Shelter Sponsor and purchase an ad space on our website, please contact Amanda Cherryholmes at (541) 264-0457, or e-mail at pookie5734@gmail.com. 100% of the proceeds go to supporting Lincoln City Warming Shelter and their efforts to helping the homeless get off the streets in Lincoln City and surrounding areas.