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December 2016 Shelter Stats


Total number of nights open: 15

Average number of people that stayed per night: 19

Number of Lincoln City Locals helped: 26

Number of Transients helped: 24

Number of Pet Owners helped: 3

Number of women helped: 10

Number of children helped: 4

Number of Native American people helped: 7

Number of Veterans helped: 4

Total number of DIFFERENT people helped in December 2016: 53

Crisis Counselor/ Mental Health: 3 shelter guests agreed and are currently following a safety contract, 1 suicide prevention (by taking shelter guest to the hosiptal when they couldn't be talked down, 1 talk down (guest was talked down from hurting themselves or other shelter guests.) These 5 shelter guests that needed some extra help, make up 10% of the shelter guests that we helped.  Services provided by our In-House Crisis Counselor, Guinevere Crispin
"I visited the Warming Shelter at the Congregational Church on Jan 2. Very impressed with the organizing efforts of the fantastic volunteers to make it inviting and safe - have their own security and three evening people to share the night watch. Seperate men and women areas - a safe environment for them. Clothes, blankets, pillows, cots, DVD movie watching available. Volunteers gather food to serve dinner and breakfast (plus pack sack lunches) from local groups and restaurants. "Guests" are treated with respect! (Even if under the influence, a guest is given a blanket and cot and directed to sleep it off - respect must be returned; rowdiness is not allowed.)

This shelter deserves many kudos. It shows that our city does care for those who live here."

                  - Judy Casper 1/4/2017
               Lincoln City, City Council

 "Make a career out  of humanity...It will enrich your spirit as       nothing else  possibly can. It will   give you that rare      sense of nobility that can only spring      from love and          selflessly helping           your fellow man...You will make  a greater person of   yourself, a greater      nation of your country, and a finer     world to live in."

Martin Luther King Jr
        1929 - 1968

February 2017 Shelter Stats​​

January 2017 Shelter Stats

Total number of nights open: 18

Average number of people staying per night: 20

Number of Lincoln City Locals helped: 28

Number of transients helped: 54

Number of Pet Owners helped: 2

Number of women helped: 21, 2 of which were  pregnant  

Number of Native American people helped: 9

Number of Veterans helped: 8

Total number of DIFFERENT people helped in January 2017: 94

Crisis Counselor / Mental Health: 1 shelter guest agreed to a safety contract. Services provided by our In-House Crisis Counselor, Guinevere Crispin

Total number of nights open: 11

Average number of people staying per night: 11

Number of Lincoln City Locals helped: 28

Number of transients helped: 42

Number of Pet Owners helped: 2

Number of women helped: 11

Number of Native American people helped: 4

Number of Veterans helped: 4     

Total number of DIFFERENT people helped in February 2017: 33

"You must be the change that you wish to see in the world"

    Mahatma Gandhi
        1869 - 1948

     Lincoln City                    Homeless                 Solutions

​Consortium For Change

Lincoln City Homeless Solutions, Inc is a non profit organization created to establish outreach centers through which imformation and referral services for marginalized populations, such as the homeless, poor, low income, seniors, veterans, and disenfranchised, may be guided to helpful services addressing their needs. In partnership with other agencies and groups, helping these diverse populations obtain the help and care they need is essential.

For more detailed information on Lincoln City Homeless Solutions please click the link below to visit the website!

Homeless Solutions Website
Lincoln City Warming Shelter Stats for season 2016/17

Number of cots occupied:  779

Number of Nights Open:  47

Number of Individuals helped:  135

Number of meals provided:  2,344

Number of Shower Vouchers given: 204

​Number of Bus tickets given: 467
Number of laundry vouchers given:  48

Number of Mylar tents given to pet owners:  7

Number of meals given to pet companions:  21

Number of Men:  96

Number of Women:  352​ of these women were pregnant
Number of Children:  4

Number of Native American:  13

Number of Veterans:  12

Success Stories

Due to the nature of what we do, success stories will be told without listing the name(s) if the client(s) involved. As part of our agreement with shelter guests, we have promised to keep their names confidential as people normally feel embarrassed when homeless. Our mission is to help keep as much of their dignity as we can. Thank you all for understanding.

Success Story # 1 - Suicide Prevention

There was a young man who started coming to the Warming Shelter as soon as our doors were open. He had previous issues in his past that lead to having a court date during the time our Shelter was open as well as struggling with Alcoholism. Being on the streets made it hard for him to do simple things like take a shower, have clean clothes, a ride to his court date, and keeping himself warm. These things lead him to be an alcoholic and suicidal. He didn't know what he was going to do or where to turn. With our help and resources he is now on his way to a better life. Our Crisis Counselor was able to set up a safety contract with him to prevent suicide. We had donations of clothing that we were able to give him to fit the look needed for court, as well as a much needed shower and last but not least the bus tickets necessary to make the court date. We gave him everything he needed to get his life on track and he not only took us up on our offer, he is on his way to getting better, will be going through an in-patient Rehab starting Feb/2017,  and has plans to return as a volunteer next Warming Shelter season. 

      Success Story #2 - Job Connection

There was a man who started out coming to the Warming Shelter homeless and jobless. With the expectation that most employers have, dirty clothes and body odors surely aren't ways to obtain employment. With our help and resources, we was able to get the help that he needed. He had an interview during the time that our Shelter was open and with the donated nice interview worthy clothes, and a shower, he was able to show up at the interview looking his best. He did get the job and is on his way to a better life. 
         Success Story #4 - Brothers Re-unite

A man came to our Warming Shelter suicidal and feeling like he had no more options. After coming through the door to our Warming Shelter, he was willing to create and keep a safety contract. With our volunteers going above and beyond, we were able to connect him with his brother in Texas. He has sinced moved back to Texas with his brother and currently has a job at a GM warehouse. 
 Success Story #3 - Low Income Couple

We had a couple who started coming to our Warming Shelter because they were living in an RV without electricity or water. Without having any connection to resources, they couldn't do what they needed to get into housing. With our help and resources, they were able to take showers and get to Newport to apply for the benefits that they needed to get on their feet. They just got into their own place in Newport and have obtained jobs. They are on their way to a better life.
            Success Story #5 - Hard Times

This man came to our Warming Shelter feeling hopeless because of being a convicted felon. Even after doing his time, he was still suffering the consequences of his actions by not being able to find work due to his record. This lead him to be homeless. With our recources available to people, he was able to take a shower and have clean clothes for an interview. He got a job and is still working at a local Lincon City restaurant.
  Success Story #6 - Human Kindness

When this woman came through the Warming Shelter she seemed as if she was a hopeless alcoholic. She started her stay with us yelling at other guests and lashing out at everyone. She had been on the streets for a long time. With the kindness of our volunteers, she started to warm up, calm down and talk about how safe she felt at our shelter which she hadn't felt safe in a very long time. This enabled her to get well rested and fed. Because we were open for so many days, having a safe warm place to sleep, regular meals, and a regular shower, she began to feel self-worth. Since then she has made the decision to stop drinking and get her life back together.

      Success Story #7 - Running Away

This woman showed up at our Warming Shelter running from an abusive husband and feeling worthless and scared for her life. Being in hiding  for so long made her forget what it was like to feel safe. After one night with our Warming Shelter, she got better rest than she had in the last few months. Previously, she didn't stay at other shelters because she said that she didn't feel safe. Because of that, she was exhausted and malnourished. With our help and resources, she got regular meals and regular showers which made her feel like a woman again giving her back her self-worth. Since being at our shelter for many days that we were open, she has re-connected with family and they are keeping her safe while she takes care of her issues.
                 Sucess Story #8 - Court Date 

A Latino man with broken english walked through the Warming Shelter doors feeling scared and defeated. He had a court date coming up and didn't know what he was going to wear or how he was going to get there. We had a donation of a few suit jackets, a few ties, and a few button up shirts that we kept seperate specifically for men who needed interview or court clothing. Having the ability to take a shower, and a good nights sleep gave him the confidence he needed to take care of his court date. Looking clean and sharp, he received bus tickets from us and made his court date. After his court date, he brought back his suit with a big smile on his face and said, "Thank you, everything is good now." He left and is on his way to a better life.
Old Taft Fire Station
1207 SE 48th Place
Lincoln City, OR 97367
Opening Criteria:
Below 40 degrees
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m.
Nov 15 - Feb 15

 Day Center
Old Taft Fire Station
1207 SE 48th Place
Lincoln City, OR 97367
Monday - Friday
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Nov 15 - Feb 15

If you would like to become a Warming Shelter Sponsor and purchase an ad space on our website, please contact Amanda Cherryholmes at (541) 264-0457, or e-mail at 100% of the proceeds go to supporting Lincoln City Warming Shelter and their efforts to helping the homeless get off the streets in Lincoln City and surrounding areas.